The Dojo Aikido Zurich was founded in 1986 by Kurt Bartholet, 7th Dan Hombu Dojo Aikikai Tokyo and 5th Dan Bukiwaza Iwama Ryu. Together with him there are other Aikido teachers.

The Dojo Aikido Zurich is authorized by the Hombu Dojo Aikikai Tokyo, Japan, to perform examinations in all levels up to to the master’s degrees.

Besides the weekly training program, Kurt Bartholet offers local weekend seminars.
Several times a year well known Aikido teachers from all over the world are invited to teach at Aikido Zurich (see Agenda).

The Dojo Aikido Zurich is lead by the council of Trägerverein Aikido Zürich. The council is supported by other members.

Aikido Zurich is also a member of VERSA, an association for the prevention of sexual exploitation of children in sport.
You can find more information about VERSA by clicking on the VERSA logo.

The dojo can be found in DIE STADTOASE of the Verein für Volksgesundheit (“Association for peoples health”) (see Address and site plan).

In DIE STADTOASE you will find also a wellness area, a cafeteria and a seminar and training center