Kurt Bartholet


After training of Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Kendo I began Aikido with Willi Frischknecht in 1974.

Astrid Artho

5th Dan, Hombu Dojo Aikikai T.

I have been practicing aikido since 1994. Kurt Bartholet 6th Dan, head of this dojo, is my long-lasting teacher.

My most important teachers were T. Kobayashi 8th Dan and André Noquet 8th Dan.

Angela Wünsche

3th Dan, Hombu Dojo Aikikai T

After intensive years of the karate training I started with the aikido training in Dresden in 1996.

Catherine Reymond

3th Dan, Hombu Dojo Aikikai T.

I was fascinated by the concentration, the harmonious and aesthetic movements, the ease and dynamics.

Torsten Ziesche

3th Dan, Hombu Dojo Aikikai T.

Following intensive years of the judo sports I started practicing aikido in Cologne in 1994.

Esther Keutner

2. Dan, Hombu Dojo Aikikai Tokyo

Since 2008 I practice Aikido in the Dojo Aikido Zurich,
and since 2011 I lead the children class.

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