Beat Schönbächler


Beat Schönbächler

5th Dan, UAS

I started with aikido in the sports centre Nippon Zurich in spring of 1978.
My most important teachers were T. Kobayashi 8th Dan and André Noquet 8th Dan, Ernst Lees 6th Dan, Severin Corpataux 7th Dan, Hans Balmer 4th Dan, Roland Stingelin 4th Dan and Kurt Bartholet 6th Dan .
I have been regular trainer in Zurich from 1985, at the Nippon Zurich, at the Asia sports centre Zurich, at the Yamatokan Zurich and since summer 2001 in the Dojo Aikido Zurich. I was involved in the training, company and support of the aikido group in the child sports holiday camp Fiesch within the years 1989 – 2002 as an assistant and as a sports leader .

I find aikido then fascinating when I manage to leave the initiative, action and energy to the attacker as much as possible.
My preference are flexibility, the circular and unhindered sequences of movements in interaction.